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Ultimate Reading Glasses

Clear Reading Glasses

Clear Reading Glasses

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Clear is the discrete color for reading glasses. Combine that with our rimless reading glasses design, you'll love and clear is low key and barely noticeable. Great for at home use, in the car, the office, the shop, the boat, anywhere you need clearer vision at close range.

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    Diopter Strength

    Which reading glass strength should you choose?

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    Experience the Ultimate Reading Glasses difference today. 

    Our Reading Glasses are:


    Scratch and Shatter Resistant


    Relaxed and Ultra Lightweight


    Flexible and Durable


    Our Sleek, Practical Design Is Perfect For Men and Women

     ✓STAY PUT

    Our Reading Glasses Won't Slide Down or Fall Off Of Your Face

    Our reading glasses are rimless and are great for:

    • Computer and phone use
    • Reading
    • Cooking
    • Electrical
    • Automotive
    • Sewing
    • Work
    • Hobbies
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