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Ultimate Reading Glasses

Tortoise Reading Glasses

Tortoise Reading Glasses

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Tortoise offers a blend of lighter and darker shades from caramel to chocolate that goes with everything and adds a sophisticated designer reading glasses look. Great for at home use, in the car, the office, the shop, the boat, anywhere you need clearer vision at close range.

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    Diopter Strength

    Which reading glass strength should you choose?

    • Warranty Guaranteed
    • 1-5 Business Days

    Experience the Ultimate Reading Glasses difference today. 

    Our Reading Glasses are:


    Scratch and Shatter Resistant


    Relaxed and Ultra Lightweight


    Flexible and Durable


    Our Sleek, Practical Design Is Perfect For Men and Women

     ✓STAY PUT

    Our Reading Glasses Won't Slide Down or Fall Off Of Your Face

    Our reading glasses are rimless and are great for:

    • Computer and phone use
    • Reading
    • Cooking
    • Electrical
    • Automotive
    • Sewing
    • Work
    • Hobbies
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